L.A.B Golf DF3 Putter Review

Until recently, most golf enthusiasts may have been familiar with L.A.B. Golf, but this putter company very quickly made a name for itself in the golf industry. Their Lie Angle Balanced putters have gained enormous popularity amongst amateur golfers and are rapidly finding their way into the bags of Tour Pro's; Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Lucas Glover and Will Zalatoris to name a few. 

L.A.B. Golf explains their technology as: “Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology simplifies the delivery of a square putter face at impact by maintaining the face's square alignment to the stroke arc, making the putting process as straightforward as choosing the correct line, speed, and executing your natural stroke.”

The latest DF3 model is not my first experience with a L.A.B. Golf putter; previously, I've gamed the original Mezz.1 and then the larger Mezz.1 Max. The new DF3 impressed me right out of the box with its luxurious-looking finish that's textured to reduce sun glare without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. The DF3’s design is compact yet robust, which feels proportionally balanced. Additionally, it features a practical design for picking up balls easily using the hole at the rear of the putter, requiring minimal effort if you're lazy like me.

I thought the feel across the DF3's face is slightly softer than the Mezz.1 Max, yet it remains responsive and very precise, allowing you to discern between a mishit and a perfect strike.

On the green, the horizontal grooves on the DF3’s face facilitates a smooth roll, generating minimal skid or bounce. The consistency of the Lie Angle Balance truly shines like the rest of the range, as it ensures the face stays targeted through the entire stroke, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. I noticed that maintaining light grip pressure also allowed for consistently accurate strokes.

The confidence boost this putter gives me on short putts is immense, as proper alignment almost guarantees success. Even on challenging greens, it's easy to get putts consistently started on the intended line. Mastering longer putts comes with practice, but the putter’s design means less effort is needed to square the face on longer strokes.

The DF3 also introduces a new pistol version of the Press grip which feels instantly familiar and comfortable in the hands. The grip is designed to complement the forward press of the shaft, and its pistol shape nestles nicely into the fingers, offering a more traditional feel compared to the more oval Press II on my Mezz.1 Max. 

In summary, L.A.B. Golf has done an exceptional job with the DF3 putter, not that I expected anything otherwise! They’ve refined the head shape, boosted stability, and maintained the effective Lie Angle Balance technology. These improvements make the DF3 a compelling upgrade for golfers who might not have been keen on the earlier DF2.1 model’s aesthetics, as it certainly did for me!


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