We pride ourselves on getting the best quality used equipment but as our stock is used, please check out our condition guide below to understand our ratings.

Note: These ratings are listed on each product page.


10 - BRAND NEW Never been used. May or may not have plastic wrapper/stickers still intact and absolutely no sign of use or markings.
9 - EXCELLENT Does not appear to have been used, or if so only a handful of shots. May show very minimal signs of shop/storage wear from display.
8 - VERY GOOD Only shows very light signs of use. The club(s) have only been used a few times, or in a condition that would suggest very minimal use otherwise.
7 - GOOD Small signs of use/wear on the clubface(s) and sole(s). No marks or very small marks/imperfections on the crown/topline (not noticeable at address).
6 - FAIR May show moderate signs cosmetic wear (nothing that effects performance). More noticeable marks/imperfections on the clubface, crown/topline and sole.
5 & BELOW Still playable without any damage that effects performance, but may show heavier signs of use (stonechips, dents or cosmetic paint damage). Marks/imperfections on the crown/topline or sole.


10 - BRAND NEW Never been used and completely unmarked.

Does not appear to have been used and all stickers/decals will be fully intact without wear/damage.

8 - VERY GOOD May show very minimal marks. The club would appear to have been used lightly, or for a few rounds. Stickers/decals should be predominantly intact with no/minimal peeling.
7 - GOOD Shafts may have some marking and slight wear to stickers/decals, but no rust/pitting on steel shafts. Graphite shafts may show light wear from bag rub.
6 - FAIR

May show cosmetic wear. Steel shafts could have small marks or rust/pitting, however nothing that will effect performance. Graphite shafts may show some bag wear or fading on the stickers/decals.

5 & BELOW Still playable but may showing signs of wear such as steel shafts having heavier rust spots/pitting. Graphite shafts may show heavier bag wear (this will be visible in photography if so).


10 - BRAND NEW Never been used. May or may not be wrapped in original plastic wrapper.
9 - EXCELLENT Feels as though they have never been used. Shop display condition where they have perhaps been held in a shop/storage or upon delivery.
8 - VERY GOOD Still in excellent condition and retains original ‘tackiness’. Appears it has very minimal use.
7 - GOOD No tears or wear to the surface of the grip. Colour/Detailing may be starting to fade, but nothing significant.
6 - FAIR Good usable condition, however wear marks could be starting to show. May have lost some ‘tackiness’.
5 & BELOW May have splits/tears, or otherwise in need of replacement in the near future.

All pictures are of the actual item for sale. Condition of the item(s) are reflected in both the photos and the condition rating.