Our story

Compendium Golf was founded by Jonathan Chaston in 2020.

Jon’s first job out of Golf College in 2011 was working in the world of Retail for a Golf Store based in Essex as a Sales Advisor and Custom Fitter. In his first few years alone, he recognised prices for the newest golf equipment climbing consistently with almost every release year after year, to the point where in many cases today, you must spend almost double what we used to!

The only alternative to this was to buy pre-owned, but even this has its frustrations.

Like anything in life, we all love to have the latest and greatest, whether this is the current iPhone, or the newest market leading and ground-breaking Driver to get that extra 10 yards! The problem that Jon experienced, and thousands of other Golfers experience to this day is how expensive it is to upgrade, especially with the increased rate of which leading Manufacturers are releasing a new and improved range of equipment, not to mention an increased product range in general. The other problem on top of this was parting ways with a lot of money, then to have the latest, newer, and even more ground-breaking option to be released within 6 months. There was also the headache of selling your old equipment, having to deal with the aggravation of relentless questions and trying to understand what price should reflect the condition of a well looked after club or set!

The Company

So, rather than scrolling through eBay with the anxieties of authenticity or deceiving photos, Jon aspired to set up the ‘go-to’ Pre-Owned Golf Equipment Retail site, specifically focussed on targeting ONLY the market leading brands and with a goal of creating the Supercar Dealership equivalent of Golf Equipment, most importantly at affordable prices!

The difference between us and others in the market starts with the equipment and the condition of the equipment we stock. The simple fact is that we only want to sell the highest quality and best condition equipment. All our stock is reviewed, inspected, and authenticated on a case-to-case basis in order to determine that a fair price is being offered when buying, trading in and then selling onwards.