BREAKING NEWS: Titleist to Re-Introduce Enhanced Alignment for Pro V1 & Pro V1X

If you're like me, you probably keep a plastic ball alignment tool and a collection of Sharpies on hand to mark your Pro V1 for better putting alignment. However, isn't it frustrating when you draw a fresh line on a new Pro V1 only for it to smudge, or at best, fade during a round, leaving marks on your clubs?

Titleist has introduced an Enhanced Alignment option for the Pro V1, Pro V1x, and Pro V1x Left Dash. This new feature offers a built-in alignment aid, which is an alternative to the more than 40 custom alignment designs already available through Titleist's golf ball customisation program.

As someone who has experimented with various alignment aids to improve my putting—ranging from simple lines to the TP Pix with ClearPath, and even Callaway’s exceptional Triple Track feature—I found that I prefer prominent and bold designs, and I LOVE a Titleist Pro V1. Who doesn't, right? Whilst the new Enhanced Alignment by Titleist isn’t overly bold, it finds a good middle ground, offering just enough guidance without being too conspicuous.

This option builds on the Performance Alignment feature that introduced last year, which includes a coloured line tapering to a point, designed with input from Titleist Tour staff who favour a less-is-more approach. It seems that even with the "No. 1 ball in golf," Titleist opts for subtlety over extravagance in their alignment aids.

For those in the U.S., Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x, and Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls with the new Enhanced Alignment will be available starting TODAY, 17th May 2024. Meanwhile, us golfers in the UK will need to wait until 1st July to find them at authorised retailers. I will certainly be gaming these as soon as I can get my hands on them! Will you?

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