Titleist T150 Irons Review: AP2 Reborn?

The current Titleist T150 irons, launched in 2023, represent a refined iteration within their lineup, often dubbed "The Faster Tour Iron." These irons succeed the previous T100S model, marrying sleek aesthetics with performance enhancements. The T150 irons scream elegance with their compact heel-to-toe frame and thin top lines, epitomising the ideal player’s iron in both appearance and function.

Visually, the T150 irons bear a striking resemblance to the T100, distinguished mainly by the model number subtly positioned on the toe side of the cavity. The matte finish not only adds a stylish, understated look but also promises durability. In terms of performance, during a fitting session, I had the opportunity to compare the T100 and T150 models directly. Both sets offer the soft, responsive feel characteristic of forged irons, rewarding well-struck shots with a satisfying crispness and providing valuable feedback on contact quality.

The T150 irons feature lofts that are two degrees stronger across the set compared to the T100, contributing to their designation as "the faster Tour iron." This modification aims to enhance distance, potentially offering at least half a club length more than the T100. However, personal fitting experiences underscore the importance of selecting the right model and loft to suit individual play styles and preferences.

The similarities between the T150 and T100 extend beyond aesthetics to performance. Both models incorporate dual D18 tungsten weighting for an impressive level of forgiveness, particularly for thin and off-centre hits, which is quite remarkable for player’s irons. Stability and consistency are hallmarks of the T150, with no unexpected distance jumps during play. These irons also allow for easy manipulation of ball flight, although they offer slightly less spin than the T100, still allowing for controlled lateral movement.

A notable enhancement in the T150 is the Vokey-inspired Variable Bounce Sole, which features a more aggressively rounded toe and a softened trailing edge, enhancing turf interaction for smoother swings.

Labelled as "The Faster Tour Iron," the T150 truly lives up to its name, delivering top-tier aesthetics, feel, and performance. They are a versatile addition to any golfer's bag, whether paired with other T series irons or used standalone.

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Titleist T150 Specification (Length, Loft & Lie Angles)

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