Titleist SM10 Vokey Wedges: A Comprehensive Review

Earlier this year, Vokey introduced the all-new SM10 wedges, and they quickly garnered positive feedback from Tour players. But how do these wedges perform for the average golfer? What sets the SM10 apart from its predecessor, the SM9? This review delves into these questions, offering insights for both weekend golfers and professionals.

The Legacy of Vokey Wedges

The name Vokey is synonymous with exceptional wedge design. Mentioning "Vokey" immediately brings to mind precision and performance, a testament to their standing in the golf world. The 2024 SM10 wedges continue this legacy, building on the success of the SM9 with subtle yet impactful enhancements. SM10 is also available in three stunning finishes: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, and the brand-new Nickel, which is arguably our favourite.

Overview of the SM10 Wedges

Key Takeaways

While the SM10 doesn't introduce groundbreaking new technology, it refines existing features to create an even more complete wedge. The improved CG (centre of gravity) progression and enhanced aesthetics are notable, but the real star is the exceptional spin and the extensive range of loft and grind options.

Enhanced Centre of Gravity

One of the standout features of the SM10 wedges is the refined CG progression. Although CG has been a focus in previous models, the SM10 takes it to a new level. Each loft in the SM10 range has an optimised CG, tailored not just to the loft but also to the intended use of each wedge.

For lower lofts (46-52 degrees), the CG is positioned lower to ensure a seamless transition from irons. In higher lofts (54-62 degrees), the CG is raised to flatten the flight, enhancing accuracy when approaching greens.

Spin Milled Grooves and Grind Options

The SM10 wedges feature the renowned Spin Milled grooves, with TX9's cut precision. Lower lofts have narrower and deeper grooves, while higher lofts feature wider and shallower grooves, optimising performance for each specific use. The wedges also offer six "Tour Proven" grind options (F, S, M, K, T, D) and a variety of loft, bounce, and grind combinations.

Aesthetic and Functional Enhancements

Visually, the SM10 wedges maintain the classic Vokey look, with refined engraving and new badging on the rear flange. The wedges exhibit a subtle evolution in shaping, with a more rounded design and a refined leading edge. Despite these changes, they remain as compact and traditional as ever.

Performance Review

Testing Conditions

For this review, three wedges were tested: the 50.08F, 54.08M, and 60.04T. The aim was to evaluate turf interaction and overall versatility across different grinds and lofts. The testing included a variety of shots, from full swings to greenside plays.

Turf Interaction and Versatility

Each grind option proved to be well-thought-out. The 50.08F performed exceptionally on full swings, accommodating a steeper swing path. The 54.08M, Bob Vokey's favourite grind, showed versatility in various conditions, from full swings to delicate greenside shots. The 60.04T, with its wide but low bounce sole, offered immense versatility for creative shot-making around the greens.

Launch Monitor Data

Data was recorded for each wedge across different shot distances: 50-yard, 80-yard, and full swings. Historically, Vokey wedges have excelled in spin performance, and the SM10 is no exception. The progressive CG demonstrated its effectiveness, with the vertical CG progression delivering as intended. This was evident in the flatter flight patterns observed on the course, especially in higher lofts, providing greater control and consistency.

Real-World Performance

On the course, the SM10 wedges lived up to their promise. The 54.08M and 60.04T showed a noticeably flatter flight trajectory, which translated to better control, particularly in windy conditions. The 50.08F blended seamlessly with the irons, maintaining a higher launch and quick apex.

Feel and Feedback

The SM10 wedges retain the characteristic Vokey feel, with a head-heavy balance that enhances precision. On centre strikes, the feedback is a satisfying thump. Off-centre hits provide sharper feedback, alerting the golfer to mishits.


Titleist and Bob Vokey have once again delivered with the SM10 wedges. The CG progression, combined with the extensive range of loft and grind combinations, offers something for every golfer. Whether you're looking for a standard option or something custom via WedgeWorks, the SM10 has you covered.

Final Thoughts

The 2024 Titleist SM10 Vokey wedges represent a blend of subtle improvements and significant refinements. The enhanced CG progression and optimised spin milled grooves make these wedges a top choice for golfers seeking precision and performance. With the added bonus of multiple grind options and finishes, the SM10 wedges are set to continue Vokey's legacy of excellence.

For those considering an upgrade, the SM10 offers a compelling mix of innovation and tradition. Whether you're a weekend golfer or a tour professional, these wedges are designed to enhance your game and help you achieve lower scores. The combination of advanced technology, refined aesthetics, and versatile performance makes the SM10 wedges a must-have addition to any golfer's bag.

So, as you prepare for the 2024 season, consider the new SM10 wedges. With their proven performance and thoughtful design, they are sure to elevate your short game and help you play your best golf.

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