These Golf Shoes Will Improve Your Game! Under Armour Drive Pro

We're all striving for consistency on the golf course, aiming to find more fairways and gain extra distance. Typically, our first thought is to invest in a new Driver. But have you ever considered upgrading your golf shoes?

That’s where Under Armour steps in. The brand has long viewed golf shoes as an integral part of your equipment. Working with biomechanics experts like JJ Rivet, Under Armour ensures that each year's premier shoe is the most technologically advanced yet.

This philosophy holds true with the introduction of the Under Armour Drive Pro, a golf shoe designed and laboratory-tested to provide the traction and lateral support needed to unlock the power of your natural swing.

First Impressions

Under Armour has had its hits and misses in terms of style. Previous Spieth models, while impressive in technology, didn't always align with my personal taste. I preferred the trainer-style Hovr range, which focused more on aesthetics and comfort.

Now, Under Armour has merged these two approaches, creating a Spieth-type shoe packed with technology and combining it with the comfort and look of the Hovr range. The result is the Drive Pro, a stunning golf shoe that looks even better in the flesh. 

There's also a spikeless model, the Drive Pro SL, both of which available in various colourways.

The Technology

Where to begin with the tech-packed Drive Pro?

Collaborating with three-time major champion Jordan Spieth and renowned biomechanist JJ Rivet, Under Armour developed the ‘Swing Support System’ for the Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL. This system aims to deliver ultimate stability, traction, and performance.

The three-layer Swing Support System supports the natural motion of the foot with biomechanically correct diagonal and lateral support, helping golfers harness their swing power more effectively. Despite the advanced tech, the shoes are lighter than other tour shoes on the market.

Groundbreaking Features:

  1. Smarter Traction: Under Armour’s new custom S3 Spikes and Tour Flex Pro Spike, developed with Champ MacNeill Engineering, provide optimal traction. Positioned at the medial heel and lateral forefoot, these spikes resist rotation during the golf swing, allowing for more power.

  2. Dual-Density Midsole: The Drive Pro features the only dual-density midsole in golf, combining UA’s Hovr Foam with Charged Cushioning. The softer Hovr Foam on the medial side allows your foot to sink into the shoe when peak force is applied, facilitating efficient weight transition through the ball.

  3. Swing Support Strap: Fully connected to the S3 Spikes and integrated lacing system, this strap offers 360-degree lock-in from lateral ball to medial instep.

For the SL model, these innovations are replicated in the midsole and upper. The spikeless outsole features a traction control plate and a hybrid outsole made of rubber and TPU. This combination ensures ground penetration and torsional rigidity, with rubber adding flexibility and friction, ensuring performance on par with spiked tour shoes.

Every spikeless traction point is strategically placed at different heights and positions to enhance performance. By removing uniformity, UA has developed an outsole that rivals spiked tour shoes in performance.

The Drive Pro series also come with a one-year waterproof warranty.

Real-World Testing

While the UK’s storms have limited my testing to indoor environments, the Drive Pro shoes have already impressed with their comfort. I also had the opportunity to visit JJ Rivet’s new Biomecaswing performance center at Stoke Park.

I’ve been guilty of choosing golf shoes based on looks and comfort without considering performance factors. JJ immediately corrected my approach, emphasising the importance of properly tying my laces to ensure optimal foot support. The difference was immediate, and I couldn’t wait to test the shoes on the equipment.

Believe it or not, a proper shoe fitting involves not just TrackMan software, but also a force plate, which measures the force exerted through each foot during your swing. This data, combined with TrackMan information, reveals areas for improvement.

Testing the Drive Pro against my regular golf shoes highlighted the benefits of Under Armour’s three-layer system. The S3 spikes provided directional traction, preventing rotation and generating more power through the ball. The dual midsole offered stability with its soft interior and firm exterior.

Lockdown lacing added further support, boosting my confidence.

Performance Results

I hit five shots with the Drive Pro, and the dispersion was so tight it could have been covered with a blanket. The right foot stability, thanks to the insole design, allowed effective weight transfer and easier ball impact. With flat shoes, weight transfer often leads to being stuck on the back foot.

The Drive Pro SL model impressed equally. As someone who swings hard through the left side, the Drive Pro SL allowed me to push into the ground while letting my foot spin out slightly, enhancing my aggressiveness.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Average carry:

    • Current shoes: 294 yards
    • UA Drive Pro: 304 yards
    • UA Drive Pro SL: 311 yards
  • Average club speed:

    • Current shoes: 116 mph
    • UA Drive Pro: 120 mph
    • UA Drive Pro SL: 123 mph
  • Average ball speed:

    • Current shoes: 157 mph
    • UA Drive Pro: 163 mph
    • UA Drive Pro SL: 166 mph


The Under Armour Drive Pro golf shoes are not just about style and comfort; they are a crucial part of your equipment setup. With advanced technology and thoughtful design, these shoes can genuinely help you improve your game. Whether you opt for the spiked Drive Pro or the spikeless Drive Pro SL, you’ll be investing in footwear that enhances stability, traction, and overall performance.

If you’ve never considered a shoe fitting before, now is the time. The data and performance improvements speak volumes. Upgrade your shoes, and you might just find yourself shaving strokes off your round.

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