The BEAUTIFUL Taylormade QI10 Designer Series Driver

Elegance and Efficiency Combined

We were thrilled to discover Taylormade's introduction of the Qi10 Designer Series, a stunning amalgamation of TaylorMade's renowned forgiveness technology and fresh, imaginative aesthetics. This series stands out not only for its performance but also for its unique design inspired by various creative influences to offer that extra flair over the standard Qi10 range.

Aesthetic Brilliance

The Designer Series is truly a beautiful visual design, drawing influences from the automotive industry, popular culture, and the unique flair of our design team. Each driver in the series, available in striking colour schemes like Black Out and Ruby Red, brings a distinct style that's sure to make a statement on any golf course.

Optimised Performance

The Qi10 Designer Series encapsulates both form and function in a sleek package. It's crafted to boost distance while increasing forgiveness, featuring a lower centre of gravity and a higher moment of inertia compared to its predecessors. This ensures a performance that is as balanced as it is beautiful, without any compromises.

For those interested in owning one of these exceptional Designer Series Qi10 Drivers, Compendium Golf is delighted to offer one for sale NOW in excellent condition. Currently available for just £429—a full £100 less than the recommended retail price. You can purchase this driver now and bring a unique blend of performance and style to your golfing arsenal.

Specification Breakdown

  • Qi10 9.0 Degree Head (Black Out)
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana T+ 60S Stiff Flex Shaft
  • Taylormade Z Grip Black Grip (Standard Size)
  • Designer Series Black/White Headcover
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