Mizuno Pro 241, 243 and 245 Irons: Which Option is Best for YOU?

Mizuno has taken a bold step forward with their latest series of Pro irons—The Pro 241, 243, and 245 models, marking what they describe as a “revolutionary leap in golf club design.” These irons are part of a lineage that launched originally 2 years ago, quickly garnering praise from both the golf community and touring professionals worldwide. Mizuno maintains the classic silhouette in these designs, a choice that continues to resonate with golfers of all ages.

For those wondering if Mizuno has enhanced these models compared to their predecessors (Pro 221, 223 and 225), the answer is quite compelling. Chris Voshall from Mizuno shared insights with MyGolfSpy: “We’ve broken many of the traditional limits of forging to enhance ball speed by innovating with new materials and processes.” This breakthrough addresses the common speed limitations of fully forged irons by integrating Grain Flow Forged technology not just in the face and neck but extending it to other parts of the club as well, forging COR directly into the club for enhanced performance.

Mizuno Pro 241: The Pro 241 is a muscleback blade, the smallest blade Mizuno has ever produced, even more compact than the Pro 221. It features a greater mass concentration behind the hitting area, resulting in increased ball speed and distance. Despite its thicker appearance, the top line is refined to appear thinner at address, catering to the lower handicap golfers who prefer compact iron designs without sacrificing performance.

Mizuno Pro 243: The Pro 243 is a Tour Cavity Back, introducing significant enhancements, especially in ball speed for the long and mid irons, making it an excellent choice for a broader range of golfers/ability. Mizuno has managed to thin the face further and incorporate micro-slots to boost face flex and ball speed, which in turn optimises performance where it's needed most.

Mizuno Pro 245: The Pro 245 is a hollow-body, game-improvement iron, featuring a shorter heel-to-toe length consistent across this series. Following the success of the 225 model last year, the 245 continues to appeal to a wide range of golfers, including those with higher handicaps, thanks to its exceptional forgiveness. It boasts a multi-thickness face that is thinner in strategic areas to enhance performance, particularly on low-face impacts.

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