SuperStroke Putter Grips: Here is Why YOU Need One

SuperStroke putter grips have gained immense popularity in the world of golf at all skill levels, from amateur golfers like you and I, to the elite professionals such as Justin Thomas, Jordan Speith, Patrick Cantlay, and many more. These grips are designed to offer benefits that can significantly improve putting performance. Here are some key reasons why SuperStroke putter grips could be the answer to improve your putting.

1. Non-Tapered Design

SuperStroke's signature feature is its non-tapered grip design. Traditional putter grips taper from top to bottom, which can encourage golfers to grip tighter with their lower hand, potentially leading to wrist breakdowns and less control overall. The uniform thickness of SuperStroke grips helps distribute grip pressure more evenly between both hands, reducing wrist action and promoting a smoother, more consistent putting stroke.

2. Variety of Sizes

SuperStroke grips come in a range of sizes and diameters to fit the preferences of different golfers. This variety allows golfers to choose a grip that feels comfortable in their hands and matches their putting style. Larger grips can minimise hand action, while slimmer models offer a blend of traditional feel and enhanced stability. SuperStroke work on a size scale which includes the Fatso 5.0, Slim 3.0, Mid Slim 2.0, and Ultra Slim 1.0 models.

3. Improved Feel and Feedback

Thousands of reviews and feedback conclude that golfers of all levels and ability find that SuperStroke grips provide a superior feel and better feedback at impact compared to standard grips. This improved sensation can help better judge distance and control of putts, leading to better overall performance and importantly far more confidence on the greens.

4. Lightweight Materials

Despite their larger size, SuperStroke grips are made from lightweight foam materials, ensuring that they do not significantly alter the overall weight and balance/swing weight of the putter. This helps maintain the putter's head-heavy balance, which is crucial for a consistent and pendulum-like stroke.

5. Enhanced Comfort

The materials and design of SuperStroke grips are also aimed at maximising comfort. They can reduce strain on the hands and arms, which is particularly beneficial during long practice sessions or rounds. This comfort can help golfers maintain their focus and performance throughout their game.

6. Promotes a Pendulum Stroke

By encouraging lighter grip pressure and reducing "wristiness", SuperStroke grips aid in promoting a pendulum-style putting stroke. This type of stroke is widely regarded as the most effective for putting, as it enhances consistency and accuracy.

7. Used by Professionals

The use of SuperStroke grips among professional golfers, including some of the best in the world mentioned above lends credibility to their effectiveness. Most of these professionals have credited these grips with dramatic improvements in their putting statistics, further encouraging amateur golfers to make the switch. Afterall, if its good enough for them then it is DEFINITELY good enough for us!

8. Customisation and Confidence

Lastly, SuperStroke grips come in various colours and styles/shapes, allowing golfers to customise their putters to their liking. This can boost confidence tremendously on the green, which is often just as important as the physical benefits the grips provide.

9. Cost Effectiveness 

Upgrading your putter grip is significantly less expensive than purchasing a new putter. High-quality putters can cost £200 - £300+, whilst at £39.99, a SuperStroke grip upgrade is a fraction of that price. This makes grip upgrades an attractive option for golfers looking to improve their game without a hefty investment if you are someone who is struggling with your current putter.

In summary, SuperStroke putter grips offer a combination of design features and materials that can improve putting performance for golfers at any level. Their benefits, including promoting a more consistent stroke, enhancing feel and feedback, and increasing comfort and confidence, make them a popular choice for anyone looking to improve their game on the greens. That is why many would concur that they're the best in the market.

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