How to Putt Like Tiger Woods: Tips and Drills

Understanding the Fundamentals of Putting

Before diving into Tiger Woods' techniques and drills, it's crucial to grasp the fundamentals of putting. Putting demands a combination of technical skill and an understanding of how to read greens. Conceptually speaking, the goal is to roll the ball smoothly along a predetermined line with the right speed to have the best chance at holing a putt. Sounds simple, right? However, achieving consistency is where the challenge lies.

Tiger Woods' Putting Philosophy

Tiger Woods approaches putting with a mindset that blends confidence, concentration, and simplicity. He focuses on ensuring his setup and stroke are repeatable and consistent. This consistency is what makes him one of the best putters in golf history. Woods emphasises the importance of a solid stance, a grip that offers control without tension, and a stroke that is smooth and rhythmic.

The Right Putter: A Key to Success

Before delving into the specific drills, it's worth noting that having the right Putter for YOU is half the battle. Tiger Woods has been meticulous about his putter choice throughout his career, famously using his Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS for 14 of his 15 major wins. This doesn't mean you need the exact model, but it underscores the importance of choosing a putter that suits your stroke, feel, and comfort level. We offer a range of Brand New and Second Hand/Pre-Owed Putters at Compendium Golf, so be sure to check out the Putters we have available on the website; 

Tiger Woods' Putting Drills

Now, let's explore some specific drills that Tiger Woods uses to hone his putting skills:

  1. The Gate Drill: Place two tees on the ground just wider than the putter head at your desired starting line, creating a "gate" to putt through. This drill improves your ability to start the ball on your intended line, crucial for making more putts.

  1. The Coin Drill: Place a coin about a foot in front of the ball along your intended line. Focus on rolling the ball over the coin with your putts. This drill, which Tiger has been known to practice, enhances your focus on hitting your spot rather than the outcome of the putt.

  2. The 4-Foot Circle Drill: Place a series of balls around a hole at a distance of four feet. The goal is to make consecutive putts from each point around the circle. This drill not only improves your short putting but also builds pressure and confidence, as missing one means starting over.

  3. The Ladder Drill: This drill is designed to improve distance control. Place tees on the green at increasing distances - 10, 20, 30 feet, and so on. The objective is to roll the ball to each tee in succession without leaving it short or hitting it past. This drill teaches you to adjust your stroke for varying distances, essential for lag putting.

The Mental Game

Tiger Woods' mental approach to putting is as critical as his physical technique. He is known for his unparalleled focus and ability to read greens meticulously. Visualisation and a positive mindset are key components of his routine. Before each putt, see the line and see the ball going into the hole. Approach each putt with almost an arrogant amount of confidence, as doubt can easily derail your stroke.

Practice with Purpose

To putt like Tiger Woods, it's not enough to mindlessly hit balls on the green. Practice must be intentional and focused. Incorporate the drills mentioned above into your routine, but always start with a clear goal for each session. Whether it's working on distance control, starting the ball on line, or building confidence with short putts, having a purposeful practice session will lead to noticeable improvements on the green.


Putting like Tiger Woods is a lofty goal, but with the right mindset, the proper equipment, and dedicated practice, it's a skill that can be developed and refined. Remember, putting is a unique aspect of golf that blends art and science. By focusing on the fundamentals, incorporating Tiger's proven drills into your practice routine, and selecting a putter that feels like an extension of your arm, you're well on your way to mastering the greens. Confidence, after all, is the final ingredient in the recipe for putting. Practice diligently, focus on the process, and watch as your putting transforms, bringing you closer to the precision and prowess exhibited by Tiger Woods on the green.

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