Taylormade's NEW P-UDI and P-DHY Utility Irons: What's The Difference?

TaylorMade once again continues to innovate with their latest introduction—the P·UDI and P·DHY driving irons. These new additions to TaylorMade's lineup are designed to optimise enhanced ball flight options, blending cutting-edge technology with classic style. Ideal for golfers at all skill levels, these Utility/Driving Irons are set to redefine how players approach their long game.

P·UDI: The Utility Distance Iron

The TaylorMade P·UDI (Utility Distance Iron) is crafted with tour-inspired features that cater to low-mid handicap golfers who seek precision and control in their long iron play. The P·UDI offers a balanced and appealing look at address, thanks to its meticulously crafted shape.

Key Features of the P·UDI:

  • Tour-Inspired Design: This iron boasts a sleek and streamlined profile, giving it a classic look that appeals to discerning players.
  • Optimal Launch and Forgiveness: Engineered to deliver just the right balance of launch angle and ease of use, ensuring a satisfying blend of performance and playability.
  • Mid Center of Gravity: Positioned to achieve a mid-to-low launch with moderate spin, enhancing control and consistency.
  • Thru-Slot SpeedPocket: Enhances the face's flexibility to maintain ball speed, even on off-centre hits, without sacrificing the clean feedback expected from a utility iron.

The P·UDI is especially suited for better ball strikers who appreciate a utility iron that integrates seamlessly with their set, offering a refined option for achieving greater distance control and shot-shaping ability.

P·DHY: The Driving Hybrid

The P·DHY (Driving Hybrid) stands out with its innovative design tailored for forgiveness and versatility, or mid to higher handicap golfers. Featuring a shallower face, increased sole width, and a longer blade length, this iron is designed to promote confidence at address, particularly on challenging long shots.

Key Features of the P·DHY:

  • Super Forgiving Design: The expanded head size mirrors a hybrid's properties, providing substantial forgiveness across a larger area of the face.
  • Low Center of Gravity: Facilitates a mid-to-high launch with consistent spin, making it easier to get the ball airborne and sustain its flight.
  • Optimal Forgiveness and Launch: Crafted to offer an exceptional balance of launch conditions and forgiveness, helping golfers maintain control and accuracy.
  • Thru-Slot SpeedPocket: Increases face flexibility for improved speed across the face, essential for maintaining performance even when contact isn't perfect.

Targeted at golfers who seek both high launch and forgiveness, the P·DHY bridges the gap between a traditional long iron and a hybrid, providing a confidence-boosting option that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or performance.

Advanced Technology 

Both the P·UDI and P·DHY driving irons are built with state-of-the-art features:

  • Individual Mass Optimisation: This allows for tailored performance across the set, ensuring each iron fulfils its specific role.
  • Forged 4140 OptiFace: Offers a premium forged feel, enhancing the sensation and feedback on every shot.
  • Tungsten Weighting: Up to 26 grams of tungsten in each club maximises forgiveness, helping to stabilise the clubface upon impact for more consistent results.

Available Lofts and Specifications:

  • P·UDI: Available in 2 iron (17°), 3 iron (20°), 4 iron (22°)
  • P·DHY: Available in 2 iron (18°), 3 iron (20°), 4 iron (22°)

These irons not only promise to improve the flight and performance of your long game but also ensure that each swing delivers exceptional results.

Custom Fitting Experience

Interested in experiencing the difference the new P·UDI and P·DHY irons can make in your game? These innovative clubs will soon be available for custom fitting at our partner store, Totally Golf. To discover the perfect configuration for your play style and to make these advanced tools part of your golf arsenal, book a fitting session today.


TaylorMade’s new P·UDI and P·DHY irons represent a significant step forward in driving iron technology, offering golfers the chance to elevate their game with tools engineered for superior performance. Whether you are a seasoned golfer looking to refine your long game or a newcomer aiming to build confidence, these irons promise to deliver both outstanding playability and aesthetic appeal. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your golfing experience with a custom fitting for these exceptional clubs—visit Totally Golf and tailor your set for the perfect match to your golfing style.

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