TaylorMade BRNR Mini Copper Driver: Amazing or Avoid?

The TaylorMade BRNR Mini Copper Golf Driver introduces a fresh addition to the Burner series. This mini driver revives the classic aesthetic of the Burner drivers from the late 90s with its modern copper finish, retro branding, and expertly engineered parts, merging tradition with contemporary innovation.

This model stands out as the first in its series to incorporate Movable Weight Technology, enhancing distance, control, and usability. It's particularly beneficial for golfers who value precision over power, or those who find traditional drivers challenging. The fusion of carbon fibre, titanium, and steel forms a robust foundation for superior sound, feel, and ball flight, accompanied by eye-catching looks. Adjustable weights let players choose between a balanced setting (13g at the rear) for consistent performance or a low spin setting (13g at the front) for lower trajectory and extended roll.

The unique "K" shaped K-SOLE design of the club aids in smooth turf interaction, reducing drag and encouraging a reliable strike. This design mimics the reliability of higher-lofted fairway woods, offering ‘driver off the deck’ distance. The club incorporates cutting-edge features like Twist Face, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, and a 4° Loft Sleeve, which collectively correct mis-hits, enhance ball speeds, and provide adjustable loft and face angles for optimal flight paths.

Equipped with the UST Mamiya Proforce Retro Burner Edition shaft for medium trajectory shots, and the Golf Pride TaylorMade Victory Copper grip, this driver is priced at £379 at most golf retailers. Our partner store, Totally Golf being a great option for Hertfordshire & Essex based Golfers to take a look and pick up.

Our Review: After testing the TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver, I've become a fan of its capabilities within this series. The new Copper version not only stirs nostalgic feelings with its vintage design but also impresses with its outstanding performance. Notable golfers like Tommy Fleetwood have adopted it, and Rory McIlroy was even seen testing it on the driving range and seemingly liking the data! This driver may well become a popular fixture in professional tournament play. It suits a broad spectrum of players—from those uncomfortable with larger drivers due to high handicaps, to the very best in the sport. The 13g rear weight setting provides a mid to high ball trajectory, increased forgiveness, and enhanced distance for off-centre hits. For those seeking a more forgiving fairway wood with a significant profile, this model, offering adjustable loft options of 13.5 and 11.5 degrees, is ideal. The BRNR Mini Driver launches like a rocket and is versatile enough for amateurs and pros alike.

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