Ping G425 Max Driver Review: Still The King?


The Ping G425 Max Driver builds on the legacy of its predecessors like the G410 Plus, enhancing its adjustability and packing in even more forgiveness. It continues to stand out as the most accessible and consistent driver available today, despite being replaced by the G430 range.

Evolution of a Classic

Ever since the earlier Ping Drivers such as the G30, each new model has raised the bar. The previous G410 Plus brought significant improvements with its adaptable hosel and moveable weight, setting a high standard. The G425 Max took this a step further by combining the best features of the G410 Plus and the extremely forgiving G400 Max, culminating in Ping's arguably most forgiving driver to date.

Aesthetic Appeal

Abandoning vibrant colours for a more subdued palette, the G425 Max sports a sleek black and silver colour scheme that exudes a cool, understated elegance. The design of the sole is modern without being over the top, giving it a look of a serious tool for serious players.

When you take position, the G425 Max presents a familiar matte black head with front-edge ridges, known as turbulators, that enhance aerodynamics but forego traditional alignment aids. The crown features discreet depressions at the back to further aid airflow.

Visually, the differences between the G425 Max and the G410 Plus are minimal yet distinct. The G425 Max sports a slightly darker crown and less pronounced depressions along the back, presenting a bulkier profile that appears longer and wider, favouring a rounded shape over the angular.

Sound and Sensation

Ping seemed to have perfected the acoustic feedback of the G410 Plus, and they’ve wisely maintained these properties in the G425 Max. This driver delivers a very solid and stable impact feel. It's only on the rare occasion of hitting the outermost edge that you notice any twist. The feedback to your hands is precise, letting you know exactly how and where the ball was struck.

The acoustic signature is moderate, balanced between mid-bass tones with a slightly hollow resonance that differentiates well between clean hits and off-centre strikes.

Performance Metrics

The real question with the G425 Max is whether it retains the G410 Plus's adaptability while enhancing forgiveness. The answer is a resounding yes. Direct comparisons with the G410 Plus highlighted the G425 Max’s superior forgiveness—mishits came off faster with better launch and spin metrics. This translates to narrower gaps between your best and average drives, a crucial advantage on the course.

Remarkably, the G425 Max achieves this without compromising on adjustability. It uses the same adapter as its predecessor, allowing for identical shaft interchangeability across eight settings. Adjustments in loft can be fine-tuned by up to 1.5 degrees. The 26-gram weight at the back offers three settings—Fade, Neutral, or Draw—each significantly influencing ball flight and sweet spot positioning.

Customisation Options

As a leader in custom fittings, Ping provided an impressive selection of stock shafts for the G425 Max. Options included three proprietary models: the ALTA CB 55 Slate, Ping Tour, and Alta Distanza. For those desiring premium aftermarket shafts, Ping also offered the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI and Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Orange in both 55 and 65 gram weights.


The Ping G425 Max driver is still an exceptional choice for golfers seeking to maximise their performance without sacrificing adaptability and breaking the bank. It continues to stands out in the market for its unparalleled forgiveness, making it an ideal selection for anyone aiming to maintain consistency off the tee. If you’re contemplating an upgrade or simply want to experience the latest in driver technology, DO NOT overlook the G425 Max. It is an excellent contender that promises to enhance your game significantly.


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