Limited Edition Ping PLD Milled 2024 SE Anser 30 Putter: Is It Worth the Price?

The Ping PLD Milled SE Anser 30 Putter has hit the market with a price tag of £499, almost £100 more than the standard Ping PLD Milled Anser. As a limited edition release, this putter is generating a lot of buzz among golfers and collectors alike, but also a little confusion about what makes it so special? What exactly sets this putter apart, and is it worth the premium price?

The Legacy of the Anser Putter

Ping’s Anser putter design holds a prestigious place in golf history as the most successful putter of all time. The PLD Milled SE Anser 30 continues this tradition with a modern twist, incorporating the latest in Ping's technological advancements while paying homage to the classic Anser design. The new SE Anser 30 is part of the Ping PLD Milled family, which includes five tour-validated models, each tailored to suit the eye and stroke of any golfer seeking premium feel and performance from their putter.

Unique Features of the SE Anser 30

Limited Edition Aesthetics

One of the standout features of the SE Anser 30 is its exclusive aesthetic design. Unlike the standard PLD Milled Anser, the SE Anser 30 boasts gold accents, including a PP58 Tour M gold grip, gold infills on the head, and a striking black/gold headcover to match. These elements not only enhance the visual appeal but also signify the putter's limited edition status, making it a potential collector's item.

Tour-Proven Design

The SE Anser 30 is built on the proven design that has made the Anser series legendary. It features a slightly extended plumber's neck design, which, combined with heel-toe perimeter weighting, delivers a 30° toe hang. This design is well-suited for golfers with both straight and slightly arcing putting strokes, providing versatility and control.

Advanced Milling Technology

The SE Anser 30 benefits from Ping’s Aggressive Milling Pattern (AMP). This precision-milled, deep AMP face is inspired by Tour Player feedback and is designed to provide a premium feel and exceptional speed control. The precise milling process, which takes over four hours for each putter, ensures that every surface is crafted to the highest standards, delivering unmatched quality and performance.

Performance and Playability

Feel and Feedback

One of the most critical aspects of any putter is the feel, and the SE Anser 30 excels in this area. The combination of the forged 303 stainless steel body and the deep AMP face milling provides a soft yet responsive feel, allowing golfers to have excellent feedback on every stroke. This precise feedback is crucial for improving putting consistency and importantly providing more confidence on the greens.

Control and Consistency

The SE Anser 30’s design, which includes strategic perimeter weighting, helps square the putter at impact, increasing control and an element of forgiveness. This is particularly beneficial for maintaining consistent performance across different putting conditions. Whether you're on a fast or slow green, the SE Anser 30 is engineered to help you deliver consistent, accurate putts.

Custom Orders and Adjustability

While the SE Anser 30 is only available in a 34” length, it can be adjusted at the hosel to tweak loft and lie angles to suit each individual putting style should you choose to go the extra mile, but it is strongly recommended to be done by a professional club builder/custom fitter and certainly not a DIY job. This may be the extra step worth taking to ensure that the putter is fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of each golfer, providing a tailored putting experience.

Collectibility and Exclusivity

Ping has not specified the exact number of SE Anser 30 putters being produced, but it is known that they are available in limited quantities. This exclusivity adds a significant allure for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of history, performance, and rarity. The combination of advanced technology, tour-proven design, and limited availability makes the SE Anser 30 not only a high-performance putter but also a valuable addition to any collection.

Comparing to the Standard PLD Milled Anser

The standard Ping PLD Milled Anser is already a highly regarded putter, known for its performance and feel. However, the SE Anser 30 takes this to another level with its unique design elements and enhanced features. The additional £100 over the standard model reflects the premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and limited edition status.

Is It Worth the Price?


From a performance standpoint, the SE Anser 30 offers everything you would expect from a top-tier putter, but so does the standard Ping PLD Milled Anser... The enhanced milling process, advanced design, and precision engineering all contribute to a putter that delivers exceptional control, consistency, and feel. For golfers who are serious about their game, the truth is that the SE Anser 30 will not provide any tangible benefits over the standard model to improve performance on the greens, so if performance is the main priority above all else, it probably makes more sense to save the £100 and go for the standard Ping PLD Milled Anser.


The visual appeal of the SE Anser 30 cannot be overstated. The gold accents and sleek black/gold headcover make it a standout piece that will draw attention in any setting. For golfers who appreciate style and elegance, the SE Anser 30 offers a level of sophistication that is hard to match, so this element could make it easier to justify the price-tag.


As a limited edition release, the SE Anser 30 has inherent collectibility. The fact that Ping has not disclosed the total number of putters produced adds to its exclusivity and potential value over time. For collectors and enthusiasts, the SE Anser 30 represents an opportunity to own a piece of golf history that is both functional and highly desirable.

Final Thoughts

The Ping PLD Milled 2024 SE Anser 30 Putter is a remarkable blend of tradition, innovation, and exclusivity. Its advanced milling technology, tour-proven design, and luxurious aesthetics set it apart from other putters on the market. While it comes with a higher price tag, the combination of visual appeal, and limited edition status makes it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers and collectors.

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