ALL NEW Golf Pride Reverse Taper Putter Grips: These Are a GAME CHANGER

Classic putter grips usually narrow down from a thicker top to a slimmer bottom, but alternatives like the widely acclaimed Superstroke grips provide a uniform thickness along their length. The launch of Golf Pride's Reverse Taper putter grips marks a significant step in the company's dedication to delivering premier grips and technology to golfers around the world. Their guiding principle is straightforward: The path to improved putting starts with the hands and is realised through the stroke, advocating for the proper use of hands rather than trying to minimise their role.

Introducing the Reverse Taper Putter Grips by Golf Pride:

  • Revolutionary Reverse Taper Technology: This innovative design feature ensures stability for both hands throughout the putting motion, leading to a more consistently square putter face at impact, regardless of grip style.

  • Thoughtful Design Features: The grip presents a narrower section for the upper hand and a gradually increasing width for the lower hand. This unique 'Reverse Taper' profile, combined with a soft feel and a more tacky surface featuring a dimpled texture, offers improved grip.

  • Addressing the Issue of an Overactive Lower Hand: According to Golf Pride's studies, a common challenge for golfers is controlling an overly active lower hand when putting. The Reverse Taper design effectively addresses this, promoting balanced hand performance.

  • Demonstrated Efficacy: In an extensive study using the state-of-the-art SAMS putting lab, Golf Pride examined over 21,000 different factors across 364 putts. The findings were remarkable, showing that the Reverse Taper grips led to a 15% more square putter face at the moment of impact compared to standard parallel grips.

  • Superior Material Construction: The unique synthetic material developed by the Golf Pride Grip Innovation Centre offers an enhanced putting experience by improving feel, comfort, and control.

  • Wide Selection: Available in three unique styles—ROUND (with a round back and a flat front section), PISTOL (featuring a traditional pistol shape at the upper hand), and FLAT (with flat sides for a more squared stance)—each style is available in MEDIUM and LARGE sizes. The six available options include:

    • Reverse Taper Large Flat Putter Grip
    • Reverse Taper Medium Flat Putter Grip
    • Reverse Taper Large Pistol Putter Grip
    • Reverse Taper Medium Pistol Putter Grip
    • Reverse Taper Large Round Putter Grip
    • Reverse Taper Medium Round Putter Grip

Priced at an RRP of £34.99, the brand new Golf Pride Reverse Taper Grip could be the game-changer you've been looking for to better your putting. It's a common experience for many of us to have an off day on the course and quickly blame our putters, isn't it? This grip might just shift the narrative, offering a tangible way to improve your putting without pointing fingers at your equipment—or yourself.

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