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Scotty Cameron continues to push the boundaries of putter innovation with the release of two new Long Design models in his 2024 lineup. These new additions are crafted specifically at 38 inches, offering stable, user-friendly options that allow golfers greater control when gripping and manipulating the putter. The Phantom 11 Long Design and Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design putters are not merely elongated versions of their standard counterparts; they are meticulously engineered to enhance the stability and performance of the golfer's putting stroke.

The Unique Features of Scotty Cameron Long Design Putters

Custom 17-Inch 135-Gram Grip

Both new models feature a specially designed 17-inch, 135-gram grip that is non-tapered, allowing for softer grip pressure. This grip provides more weight to counterbalance the heavier putter head, which helps in maintaining overall balance and slowing down the stroke for better control. The extended length of the grip also accommodates a variety of hand positions, giving players the flexibility to find their optimal grip.

Custom Stiffer Shafts

The new Long Design putters come with stiffer, longer shafts that are designed to provide stability and forgiveness. These shafts are tailored to accommodate the increased head weight, ensuring that the putter remains balanced during the stroke. The Phantom 11 Long Design features a stiffer mid-bend shaft, while the Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design includes a custom shaft that complements its plumbing neck design.

Heavier Sole Weights

Each Long Design putter incorporates 25-gram tungsten sole weights. These weights not only increase the overall heft of the putter but also help in quieting the hands during the stroke by promoting engagement of the larger shoulder muscles. This design element is aimed at enhancing the stability and consistency of the putting stroke.

Insights from Scotty Cameron

"In addition to alignment, many players need help with quieting the hands during the putting stroke," says Scotty Cameron. "We took two of our most popular models—the Super Select Squareback 2 and Phantom 11—and created a counterbalanced effect with a slightly longer shaft and a heavier head using tungsten sole weights in conjunction with a heavier grip. This helps the player engage the larger shoulder muscles in the stroke. It’s a concept we’ve developed over the years working with touring professionals that translates to players everywhere."

Overview of the Long Design Models

The new Long Design models can be ordered in custom lengths ranging from 36 inches to 40 inches, providing ultimate flexibility for players. Each putter features the multi-material construction, dual-milled face technology, and refined aesthetics that are hallmarks of the Super Select and Phantom lines.

Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design – 38-Inch

The Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design is engineered with a solid milled face and an integrated 6061 aluminium sole plate. This putter includes two 25-gram tungsten sole weights, a longer, heavier 17-inch, 135-gram pistol-style grip, and a custom-designed stiffer shaft. The combination of these features results in a putter that offers exceptional stability and control, making it an excellent choice for golfers who prefer a more traditional blade-style putter with enhanced forgiveness and balance.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Stability: The heavier head and grip promote a smoother, more controlled stroke by engaging the larger shoulder muscles.
  • Refined Feel: The solid milled face and aluminium sole plate provide a soft yet responsive feel.
  • Custom Length: Available in custom lengths from 36 to 40 inches to suit individual player preferences.

Phantom 11 Long Design – 38-Inch

The Phantom 11 Long Design shares the same head shape as the Phantom 11 and Phantom 11.5 models but is designed as a 38-inch counterbalanced putter. It features a longer, heavier 17-inch, 135-gram pistol-style grip and a custom-designed stiffer mid-bend shaft. This configuration accommodates the heavier head, which includes two 25-gram tungsten sole weights, making it a stable and forgiving option for golfers.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased Forgiveness: The added weight and counterbalanced design enhance forgiveness on off-centre strikes.
  • Improved Alignment: The larger head size and alignment helps aim more accurately.
  • Balanced Performance: The custom shaft and grip work together to provide a well-balanced, controlled stroke.

Which Putter is Right for You?

Choosing between the Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design and the Phantom 11 Long Design comes down to personal preference and playing style. Here’s a closer look at the scenarios where each putter might be the better choice:

Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design

Ideal For:

  • Traditionalists: Golfers who prefer a classic blade-style putter but want added stability and forgiveness.
  • Players Seeking Precision: Those who value a precise, solid feel with excellent feedback on each putt.
  • Custom Length Needs: Golfers who appreciate the ability to order a putter in their preferred length for a more tailored fit.

Playing Benefits:

  • Enhanced Control: The heavier head and grip slow down the stroke, promoting greater control and consistency.
  • Smooth Feel: The solid milled face and aluminium sole plate offer a refined, smooth feel with every putt.
  • Versatility: The custom length options make it adaptable to different putting styles and preferences.

Phantom 11 Long Design

Ideal For:

  • Forgiveness Seekers: Golfers who prioritise forgiveness and stability in their putter.
  • Alignment Aficionados: Those who benefit from enhanced alignment features and a larger sweet spot.
  • Counterbalanced Enthusiasts: Players who prefer a counterbalanced design that engages the shoulders and minimises hand action.

Playing Benefits:

  • Greater Forgiveness: The counterbalanced design and heavier head reduce the impact of off-centre strikes.
  • Improved Stability: The larger head size and alignment aids provide a stable, consistent putting stroke.
  • Comfortable Grip: The longer, heavier grip offers comfort and control, promoting a smooth, controlled stroke.


The introduction of the Scotty Cameron Long Design putters adds a new dimension to the already impressive lineup of Phantom and Super Select models. By offering these putters in a slightly longer configuration with enhanced stability features, Scotty Cameron has provided golfers with options that can help improve putting performance. Whether you prefer the traditional blade style of the Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design or the forgiving, alignment-focused Phantom 11 Long Design, these new models are designed to help!

For golfers looking to quiet their hands and engage their shoulders more effectively during the putting stroke, the Scotty Cameron Long Design putters are worth serious consideration. With refined aesthetics and advanced technology, these putters are poised to make a significant impact on the greens.

Explore the Scotty Cameron Long Design Putters

Check out the new Scotty Cameron Long Design putters at our partner store, Totally Golf. They have these models in stock, and you can try them out on their indoor putting green. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation that defines Scotty Cameron's craftsmanship. Whether you opt for the Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design or the Phantom 11 Long Design, you’ll be investing in a putter that combines exceptional design with cutting-edge technology to enhance your performance on the greens.

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